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Peter Tabuns, MPP Toronto-Danforth

“Jennifer has an unwavering commitment to our community and works tirelessly to ensure the TDSB serves our students and families well. She is also a strong ally for me, on issues like education funding, school repairs, curricula and more. I’m so grateful we have her in our corner!”

Janet Davis, Toronto City Councillor - Ward 31

"Jennifer is a fierce advocate for child care. We worked together to stop big fee increases for families in school-based child care. As Co-Chair of the City-School Boards Committee, Jennifer forged new relationships and made our organizations work better together. She was the catalyst for the innovative TDSB extended-day program. She is quite remarkable."

Audra Stitt, Chester Elementary School parent

"I believe in the importance of meaningful parent engagement in schools. Jennifer understands the value of parental involvement and has worked extremely hard in her time as Trustee to engage parents and be responsive to our needs, concerns and feedback. She has also developed and provided excellent resources to school councils and sought to communicate with parents through her monthly newsletter and forum. I very much value this aspect of Jennifer's work as Trustee, and am pleased to support her for re-election."

Megan McCormick, Social Worker and Frankland parent:

"In her four of years of service representing Toronto-Danforth at the TDSB, Jennifer Story has shown leadership on a number of important issues. Most recently, she has demonstrated clear and unwavering leadership in response to the provincial government's announcement to recall the Health and Physical Education curriculum and revert to the 1998 curriculum. Her commitment to ensuring that the experience and reality of all children is reflected and honoured in the curriculum is exceptional and critical and one of the many reasons I am supporting Jen for Trustee. "

Nelson Smith,  Curriculum Chess Program

"Jennifer Story is a superb Trustee who deserves the support of every parent in her ward. We sought Jen's assistance is resolving and navigating a complex issue involving the sudden cancellation of a program by the board. Jen immediately grasped not only our situation but also its larger public policy implications. She worked closely with us to devise a response that was clever, creative, and effective. In short, Jennifer did for us what trustees are supposed to do - collaborate, bring concerns forward, communicate, and advocate."

Amanda Spanish, Bruce parent

“I’m a single parent raising three kids. It’s important to me that my Trustee represents all families and ensures that we all have a voice in matters before the Board. Jennifer Story’s work on securing a new home for the First Nations School,  childcare, and her “Everyone Belongs” campaign, are just a few examples of her commitment to inclusion and to representing all her constituents.”

Charlene Dunstan, Riverdale parent

"As a racialized woman with two kids in the TDSB, I don’t always feel like I have an avenue to be heard. Jen uses the position of Trustee to elevate our voices and concerns. For Jen, “everyone belongs” is much more than a slogan: it’s the way she does the job, amplifying voices that sometimes don’t get heard the way they should.”

Sarah Smith, RH McGregor and Cosburn Parent

”I've known and worked with Jennifer Story now for many years now in a variety of capacities, some quite challenging. During this time I consistently found Jen to be responsive, caring, sincere and knowledgeable. She can be trusted to deeply listen to understand all stakeholder perspectives, thoughtfully consider alternatives, be open to a diversity of thought and opinion and draw on her extensive knowledge and experience to guide towards an appropriate and balanced resolution. I view her as a trusted partner in my children's education and a leader in shaping better education for all kids in Toronto.”

Charles Pascal, Professor at OISE/University of Toronto

“Jennifer Story has been a truly exceptional Trustee. Jen's important efforts contribute so much to ensuring that the TDSB is more effective and responsive to the needs of students and parents. Her continued strong leadership is needed at the Board, now more than ever."

Susan Weiss, Riverdale resident

“I am happy to support Jennifer’s candidacy for school trustee. She’s a forceful advocate for the needs of our community and its residents, and has shown considerable strength in representing us.”