Jennifer was elected trustee in 2014. For the past four years, she has worked hard to make our Toronto schools more accessible, more attentive to students with diverse learning needs, and less challenging for parents and community members to navigate.
Jennifer has also worked closely with her colleagues to put the Board on its best footing with respect to transparency, accountability and good governance.

Here in Toronto-Danforth, Jen she has helped hundreds of parents and neighbours with a wide variety of concerns get the answers and the support they need.

Jennifer understands first hand what it feels like to be a parent of kids in the TDSB: she is mother to two school-aged boys and has been an active parent in a number of neighbourhood schools. Those experiences led her to run, and once elected, to seek constant improvement in the Board and our community schools.

She and her family have lived in Leslieville for the past fourteen years.

In addition to serving as a trustee, Jennifer is a communications consultant who helps charities, non-profits and other organizations plan and implement successful campaigns.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Jennifer worked for her local Member of Parliament, Jack Layton. Working with Jack every day opened windows unto the many neighbourhoods and communities in Toronto-Danforth, from Old East York to East Chinatown, from the Portlands to Pape Village.

It’s how and when and why she became passionate about making our community a better place to live and work. She got involved at the very beginning with the successful fight to stop Big Box Sprawl on Lakeshore. No one thought we could fight the Ontario Municipal Board, but Jennifer never gave up the fight.

She knows that teamwork works. It’s why she consults widely with parents, students, staff and educational leaders -- and other elected representatives in Toronto-Danforth -- on shared priorities that make our neighbourhoods more liveable.

Jennifer's accomplishments