Why I am Running

My name is Jennifer. I’m a school board trustee, and a working mom.

Like you, I care about our neighbourhood schools.

I have two school-aged children of my own.

I’ve seen first-hand how much our communities’ well-being relies on public education.

And I believe that elected trustees matter. They make our schools more responsive, more accessible, more connected to the communities they serve.

That’s why I stepped up to run four years ago. At that time, the TDSB’s turmoil never seemed to end. Week after week there’d be another bad news story. All this scandal and bad management had eroded public confidence in our public school system.

I’ve worked hard for the last four years to turn the ship around: to improve communications between the board and our families; to make the system more responsive to student and parent concern; to improve accountability and governance, to recruit an exceptional Director of Education and strong central staff. That’s why I stepped up to lead the hiring of an Integrity Commissioner and that’s why I’ve worked hard with my colleagues to keep the board well managed for the past four years.

I’ve also worked hard to find solutions to problems that can’t be solved by the Board alone: I’ve worked with leaders from across the city to stop school closures; I’ve worked with our Councillors to improve safe routes to school; I’ve worked with the film and television industry to bring revenues to the Board and create opportunities for students; I’ve worked with the childcare sector to stop proposed funding cuts to school-based childcare centres, and to create new programs in schools that lack them.

With the recent change in provincial government, one that seems intent to cut some of the services and supports our communities rely on, we need strong, experienced leadership for our schools now more than ever.

I’ve served our community with vision, energy, drive and passion. I am devoted to protecting and defending public education in our city, and I want to continue to serve our neighbourhood families and schools.

Above all, I believe trustees are servants of the community first. No matter what faces our Board I will always keep my focus on my community, our families and above all, put students first.

For all of these reasons, once again, I’m asking for your vote.